Monday, March 16, 2020

Bishop Wright's Visit to St. Bede's, Atlanta

St. Bedes Episcopal Church
March 8, 2020

Bishop Wright Conducted an Adult Forum and then Celebrated the 10:30 AM Eucharist and Confirmation with the combined English and Spanish speaking congregations.

The Bishop Confirmed and Received 20 members of the St. Bede's community.

Bishop Wright with Deacon, Rev. Colin Brown, Rev. Caroline Branch and Rev. Lynnsay Buehler

Rector, The Very Rev. Chad Vaughn with 
Deacon Rev. Nora Cruz-Diaz

Bishop Wright with the translator, Judah Sali



Adult Forum

Bishop's Sermon

 Rite of Confirmation

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Video Slideshow



Bishop Wright's Elbow Bump

The Gospel John 3:1-7
El Evangelio - Juan 3: 1-7

Bishop's Sermon

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Rite of Confirmation

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The Offertory Anthem

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For more information about St. Bede's Episcopal Church:

Please visit their website:

The Julian of Norwich Center

 The mission of The Julian of Norwich Center is to offer a space to grow more deeply in relationship with God. The Center provides spiritual direction to individuals and groups, teaching contemplative prayer and the stages of the spiritual journey.

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The Very Rev. S. Chadwick Vaughn is the Rector of St. Bede's

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