Sunday, December 16, 2018

St. Timothy's Christmas Concert

Sing Noel
A choral concert featuring Lessons and Carols presented by
The Choir of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

The Rev. Ricardo Bailey, Priest-in-Charge
Terry Lowry, Organist and Musical Director

December 16, 2018
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, Decatur

This concert is an annual event of St. Anthony's Adult Choir

 Christmas Concert Video, Part 1 of 2

Processing In, First Lesson - Fifth Lesson
Click here to download the video file


 Led by Organist and Music Director, Terry Lowry
St. Timothy's adult choir has participated in music festivals in
Vienna, Austria, Barcelona, and Rome, Italy.
They represented the United States at the Cantate Barcelona.
For more information about Terry Lowry and the choir, click here to read Terry's Profile.

St. Timothy's Choir

Christmas Concert video, Part 2 of 2

Fifth and Sixth Lessons,  Processing out

Click here to download video file

For more information about 
St. Timothy Episcopal Church, Decatur

Please visit their website:

The Rev. Ricardo Bailey is the Priest-in-Charge

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