Saturday, April 13, 2019


Construction starts on Saturday, April 6, and runs 8 consecutive Saturdays through June 8. (We’ll take Easter weekend off.) Day one begins at the Habitat warehouse; all other build days begin at the construction site at 2039 Akron Dr., SE

Our Homeowner

Our homeowner’s name is Antwonette Butts. Antwonette works as a deli manager at a local grocery chain and has two small children, aged 5 and 3. In her spare time, Antwonette enjoys bowling and watching Chopped on the Food Network. Mostly though, she spends time with her two children. Ms. Butts really wants her own house for her kids – they will have yard and they will always have a place to call home. She is very excited to build her home, and grateful for our support.



Week 2 - April 13

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