Thursday, January 2, 2020

Emmaus House - Children's Christmas Festival - Santa's Helpers

Our Volunteers

Santa Claus is the best at getting toys and everything else to children at Christmas.

But he could not get it all done by himself. If he tried to do it by himself, we would be celebrating Christmas in July.

So, like Santa we have volunteers serving  as  Santa's Helpers.

Below is a photo of the volunteers from St. Catherine's, Marietta

They show up every year to help Santa 

We also have volunteers that come from many of the churches in the area
Who also show up each Christmas Eve.

To find the volunteers look in the background of each photo, they are the ones "getting the job done". As a result it helps make  Santa's job so much easier. It lets Santa and Mrs. Claus to spend a little more time with each child that comes to see them.

Thanks for helping us out!

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