Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bishop Wrights Visit to Christ Church, Kennesaw

August 8, 2019

Bishop Wright's Visit:

11 Confirmations, Receptions, and Re-affirmation

Adult Forum

Potluck Luncheon

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Rector, The Rev. Ben Day with Bishop Wright

Those who were Confirmed:

Gabrielle Ashton       Confirmed
Logan Gepfert           Confirmed
Nancy Shamblin        Confirmed
John Wyatt                Confirmed
Kerry Allen               Reaffirmed

Ami Carmin                Received
Lauren Gaughen        Received
Bob Jordan                Received
Lisa Jordan                Received
Marily Otero               Received

Cindy Parman            Received



Kelly is a member of Christ Church.
She acts as church photographer

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Eucharist and Confirmation

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Adult Forum and Luncheon

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Video Slideshow

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