Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Stephen Ministers of St. Martin's - El Refigio

July 24, 2019

The Stephen Ministers of St. Martin-in-Fields, Brookhaven Pack bags for the families and friends staying at El Refugio 
that are visiting those immigrants that are being held at the Stewart Detention Center

We are a ministry of hospitality and visitation serving immigrants at Stewart Detention Center and their loved ones.

El Refugio is a hospitality ministry, welcoming families and friends of  the over 1800 men detained at Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, GA.  El Refugio offers overnight shelter for families who have traveled great distances to have a short visit with their loved one in Stewart.  El Refugio serves meals, distributes gas cards, and other helpful items to the people they serve.  The ministry sponsors a visitation program so that other caring people besides the family can provide comfort and support to an immigrant who is being detained.  El Refugio is also able to provide funding for books and magazines for the detainees, as well as a a new set of clothing when someone is released or deported, usually after about 2 years of incarceration.  It is a ministry that follows the way of Jesus, by welcoming the stranger--the Way of Love.

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Stephen Ministers Packing Bags

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The Stephen Ministers are packing bags of toiletries and other personal items that are needed by the family and friends following their stay at El Refugio


About El Refugio

We believe our most powerful role is simply to be present to the people we visit in detention – to recognize their full humanity, to see them face-to-face and to hear them.

El Refugio has its roots in Georgia Detention Watch, whose members began leading groups to visit immigrants and asylum seekers detained at Stewart Detention Center in 2008. After witnessing the challenges shared by those visiting loved ones at Stewart — traveling long distances, the trauma of family separation, and the lack of resources such as hotels and restaurants in the remote town of Lumpkin —  a group of friends established El Refugio. In 2010, El Refugio opened a hospitality house offering meals and lodging at no cost. Perhaps more importantly, we offer friendship and support to the loved ones of immigrants and asylum seekers who are detained.

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