Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Emmaus House - Walk to Road to End Gun Violence

Our Invitation:
We invite you to rally your friends, families, youth leaders, and church communities to “Walk the Road” with us on September 16, 2018. Walk The Road is an opportunity to learn, serve, and walk with our neighbors in Peoplestown as we explore the community’s experience living in the neighborhoods south of downtown Atlanta. This year, our theme is gun safety. 



Click here to view photo album of the community's walk to the State Capitol Building Plaza to rally and educate others about the gun violence that affects our schools, our neighborhoods and communities.

Click here to view the photos taken by Rick Laupus from Emmaus House that focus on the participants that took part in Walk the Road - 2018



The Emmaus House community marching from Emmaus House to the State Capitol Building Plaza for a rally about the ways to end gun violence in our schools and neighborhoods.


Video of the photos taken by Rick Laupus of Emmaus House


Presentation by The Rev. Horace Griffen from St. Luke's, Atlanta at a rally held in the plaza  across the street from the Capitol building following the Walk the Road march to the State Capitol.

For more information about Walk the Road and the work of Emmaus House, please visit their website:

The above and other media linked to this blog post is available for church and personal use.

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