Thursday, March 12, 2020

Holy Currencies

Six Currencies for a Missional and Sustainable Ministry

Currency of Time and Place
Paid and volunteer time that leaders, members, and non-members of to the church ministry. Properties from which a church/ministry operates and other properties owned or which can be accessed by the church/ministry.

Currency of Gracious Leadership
The ability to use skills, tools, models, and processes to create gracious environments. In these environments, mutually  respectful relationships are developed that enable the community to discern "truth across differences".  Differences can be racial/ethnic, age, gender, sexual orientation, class, political affiliation, or just church or folks in the neighborhood.

Currency of Relationship
Identifying the leader's/members internal and external networks of mutually respectful connections.Internal Connections include constructive relationships among members/leaders, area churches/ministries of the same affiliation, area denominational organizations and national and international denominational structures. External connections include constructive relationships with non-members, people with resources and people in need in the community, civic community leaders, ecumenical/interfaith partners, community and civic organizations, and local businesses.

Currency of Truth
The ability to articulate individually and corporately the global/holistic truth from the differences of different individuals or groups within the church/ministry (internal) and the experiences of those from outside the church community (external). 

Currency of Wellness
The state of being healthy physically, socially, economically, ecologically within a church/ministry, the neighborhood, the city/town. nation, and the earth, especially as the result of sustained, deliberate efforts.

Currency of Money
Something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or as a means of payment.

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