Thursday, October 31, 2019

Bishop Wright's Visit to St. Edward's, Lawrenceville

Patronal Feast/ Fiesta Patronal
October 27, 2019

Patronal Feast is the occasion on which a parish annually honors the saint who was chosen as the Patron Saint of the parish. 
 The custom of having a patron saint can be traced to the practice of building churches over the tombs of martyrs.

St Edwards has two Eucharists each Sunday. The 10:30 Eucharist is said in English and the 1PM Eucharist is said in Spanish.

Today there is one bilingual service spoken in both languages.

In this morniing Eucharist we have

Group Photos of Bishop Wright's Visit

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 Baptisms, Confirmations, and Receptions

For Baptisms

Abigail Elizabeth Gallagher
Nolan Lucas Gallagher
Gretel Hernandez-Salas
Tonya Deon Leary

For Blessing

Skylar LaRue Sims

For Confirmations

Imma Elizabeth
Isaiah Jared Demetruis Barnes
Josia Echele Tianna Dunor
Kaya Moselle Hudy
Breanne Yvonne Pope
Hilary Martina Toomey
Lawrence Francis-Sam Toomey
Yesenia I. Olivares
Emilio Vacquero-Boxtha

For Reception

Michael John Leary
Tonya Deon Leary


Photo Album

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Videos Album

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