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St Martin's Youth at Holy Comforter

May 26, 2010
Church of the Holy Comforter

Youth Worship with Holy Comforter, This Sunday, May 26, at 10:30 am
Founded in 1893, Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, in the heart of Atlanta, seeks to restore all people to unity with God and with each other. About 60% of this congregation lives with mental illness and all of us participate in the life of community. The youth will travel during the Sunday school hour to arrive in time for their 10:30 am service. Lunch will be served after the service.
--From the St. Martin's Messenger (5/24)

The youth from St. Martin's, along with Tavon Betts who is the Director for  Youth, Children, and Family Ministries at St Martin's, prepared, cooked and served salad and spaghetti to a hungry crowd of worshipers following the 10:30 AM Eucharist.

Youth at Holy Comforter
Special thank-you to Grant Gaffney, Sam Alexander, Brayden Ebert. Benjamin Nordstrom, Anson, and Hayden, and Lori Hart for joining Holy Comforter for worship and preparing a delicious Spaghetti lunch. We are so proud of you for representing St. Martin’s.

--From the St. Martin's Messenger (5/31)


Youth from St. Martin's preparing and serving lunch.

For more information about Youth Activities at St. Martin's and The St. Martin in the Fields Episcopal Church
please visit the church's website

The Rev. Amy Dills-Moore is the Associate Rector


Church of the Holy Comforter Service

I also focused on the worship service upstairs in the chapel, a full house, great sermon, and excellent choir, and lay readers. I have uploaded videos below of each of these parts of the service.

Clergy Participants:
The Rev. Alexis Chase, Celebrant and Preacher
The Rev. John Ray, Deacon

Click here to see all the photos from my visit to Holy Comforter.

Lay Participants in the service:
Lector - Alice Delaney
Intercessor - Jimmy Bailey
Chalice Bearers - Alice Delaney and Jimmy Bailey
Verger - Alfred Davis


Video Slideshow

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For more information about the Ministries of the Church of the Holy
Comforter, please visit their website:

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