Monday, May 27, 2019

Church of the Common Ground

Church of the Common Ground Worship

Woodruff Park

May 26, 2019

The Church of the Annunciation provided the lunch at Common Ground today.


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About Church of the Common Ground:

Church of the Common Ground is a church community 
on the streets of Atlanta living the Good News 
that we are all God’s beloved.

We’re like any other church—we just don’t have a building.
We are people who believe faith, 
fellowship and a cup of coffee 
can change lives.

We seek to walk in God's love and to be a living witness
of love and compassion to others.

As of April 2011, Church of the Common Ground can be found where our members dwell, in the parks and neighborhoods of downtown Atlanta. We continue to offer prayer, spiritual support, and community on the streets. We hold a worship and Communion service in Woodruff Park on Sundays; and we gather regularly for Morning Prayer, healing services, Bible studies, and a foot clinic.

We are thankful for the support of the Diocese of Atlanta, and the numerous ways it has encouraged our community to flourish over the years. As our history shows, we at Common Ground seek to follow God's call, wherever it leads, and we thank God for this faith journey we are on!
---Church of the Common Ground website

For more information about the ministry of Common Ground , please visit their website:

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